About Sandra Sherman, Founder of GuitarVersum

I simplify Jazz for you! ~ Sandra Sherman, founder of GuitarVersum

Born to a US Navy officer and a German mother, I grew up in Vienna, Austria.

After taking classes for flute and piano, I started playing the guitar at the age of 11. For three years I basically just learned how to strum on an acoustic guitar. I joined a music project for teenagers then and got taught some Blues basics and the pentatonic. What a revelation that was! I bought my first electric guitar and started a band.

Heavily influenced by Mark Knopfler's Dire Straits, I taught myself all the songs from their 1978 album. I was an autodidact then, until I went to the conservatory.

After high school I started to work in a music studio and studied audio engineering at the SAE Institute Wien, Vienna Austria. I then worked as an audio engineer for live events. I had the pleasure to work with Mike Stern, Don Cherry, Maceo Parker, John Scofield and several other jazz greats.

I started to dig into jazz. My hero back then was Pat Metheny (still love his music).

I also went on tour with the Mamas & The Papas and had the pleasure to help with the monitor mix.

While audio engineering was fascinating, I wasn't able to handle the pressure very well. I had no problem on stage, performing myself and being responsible for myself. But being responsible for others was difficult. So I decided to study Jazz guitar at the Vienna Conservatory. I graduated "summa com laude" and studied Intrumental Education & Pedagogics afterwards, which I also finished "summa cum laude".

My jazz influences are definitely Charlie Parker and Bebop in general. Today I'm into the Cool Jazz era and players like Cedar Walton, Horace Silver, Stan Getz, The Dave Brubeck Quartet and still Wes Montgomery and Joe Pass.

I was teaching guitar at local music schools for many years.

Since I love working out my own teaching concepts and exploring new ways to explain things easier, I was searching for a way to make these concepts public.

That's how GuitarVersum was born. By the way, "GuitarVersum" is composed of the English word "guitar" and the German word "Universum" (universe).

My goal is to simplify complicated jazz concepts, so everyone will understand them. Music is my passion and it is my pleasure to be able to pass on my knowledge to jazz enthusiasts around the globe, or as I call you, my "diligent little jazz bees".

Sandra Sherman founder of GuitarVersum

Sandra Sherman, founder of GuitarVersum